Build the winning team that your engineers want to be on

An engineer is more than just the code they write. CodeGem gives you a holistic understanding of everything happening on your engineering team and the tools to turn insight into action.


    Take your 1:1 to the next level

    Move your management conversations from "what have you done" to "how can we improve."

    Insights that you won't find anywhere else

    The full picture of your team in one place. Understand your team’s engagement, collaboration, and productivity, so you can amplify the best behaviors in your team.

    Keep your best engineers

    Employees don't leave companies, they leave managers. Get the insights you need to optimize engineering leadership.

    Collaborate despite the distance

    Working together shouldn't stop just because you're no longer in the same office. Foster collaboration across your team by identifying who’s not involved.

    Build fast while building smart

    Innovation doesn’t happen by accident. Leverage data to validate your team is focused on the right activities.

    Create a team that everyone wants to be on


    Meet your new best friend. The engineers on your team don't all contribute in the same ways. CodeGem helps you understand how your team is performing based on more than just productivity.


    Engineers are humans too. Your success should be measured by more than just the number of lines of code you write. CodeGem helps you see the full picture of your value.


    Tie innovation to business objectives. Your company's software development team's should be contributing to company success. CodeGem helps you directly see the impact of your teams.

    Product Leaders

    Never guess when a feature will be complete ever again. CodeGem helps you understand your team's typical way of working and how that compares to industry standards.

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